ISTITUTO VIRGO CARMELI VERONA-ITALY

The VIRGO CARMELI SCHOOL is in Italy and is organized into three different school stages: Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary School. It is a private catholic school which provides opportunities for anyone to receive both academic and spiritual teaching. It’s located in a suburban area in Verona, where there is a very high presence of immigrants. Therefore, teachers activate Italian language courses and intercultural activities, also helped by local organizations.

The Primary school offers to all students, especially those with Special Needs and disabilities, opportunities for success through didactic measures, assessment procedures, and guidance.

In our school we promote reading and writing activities, which are organized by grades. In first and second grade listen to storytelling, followed by comprehension activities. While third, fourth and fifth grade students read the books together with the teacher who then involves them in debates on different topics.

School Headmaster: Prof. Damiano Ceschi

Project coordinator: Prof.ssa Elisabetta Mosca

Meeting date:  17th – 23rd February 2019

Project title of the meeting:   Reading novels and writing scenarios

Participants: 6 students for each partner country + 2 accompanying persons

Meeting description: Each country will be involved in workshop activities dealing with the reading of an Italian novel belonging to its literary tradition. The other countries’ novels will be also described and discussed. At the end of the week a scenario will be created.